miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

The premium of the 8 questions

Ohhhh .... Forgive me if I answer so later to this award, I had much work to do. This is a premium from Anuradha and herblog . You need to answer honestly to these eight questions:
 -six names by those who know you (sorry only three) Jetire , Jet and Skyfire.
-three things you wear now I don't wear clothes, since I'm a robot XD
-three things you envy at this time. mmmm ..... I don't know ..... I think ...... Well if anything, people or robot doesn't have to think about war.Also miss a bath of super Energon...
-Three things you did last night, yesterday and today Mmmm .... thinking about that damn black hole, Energon search for my friends and talk about Megatron with Optimus.
-Two things you eat today: Energon cookies , Energon juice and a Energon star. XD
-As the last two people talking on the phone Scattershot (I was on a mission very important) and Redalert (I need to repair my circuits)
-Two things that you have to do tomorrow Thinking about writing a new post and update my blog
-Your three favorite drinks All juice that did not cause harm to living beings.( you know I'm the protector of the humans and I don't like to eat meat)
Now give the prize to three people plus -
Blue_Star or Danii , I like so much her blog , and she is a good friend
-Amy Rose , it's an interesting story
-Amanda , it's an awesome blog
 I think I only need notify the winners, let's go!