lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

My friend Get

Hi guys!!! Mi friend Get  has de kindness to appear in my blog ^^
Ok I leave with her:

My name is Get. I'm short my sice is 1'52..........
My hair is straight , green and long.
I've got  green eyes and my lips are slender.
Now I've got a blue dress, a yellow diadem, fuchsia shoes, white gloves and fuchsia bracalets.

I love drawing TransFormers, sonic characters and all types of Manga/anime/mecha

I've got a black computer, I enjoy watching videos of my favourites series in English.
I make videos and try to uploading them in my YouTube channel , but my internet is sooo slow.

I live in the country and I have one brother , his name is Stheal.
Before I have got two parrots but they dead T.T
I also have one female-cat her name is Midori(green in Japanese)

My mother's name is Shanti , she has got black hair.
My father's name is Bharat and he has got black hair.

I'm learning Japanese , I know a few wordls like :- Thanks: Arigato    Hello : Conichiwa I'm get: Watashi wa Get desu

I've got many friends , from many countries : Argentina(Marii,Mili....),Mexico(Aye...),Rumania(Laura),Swedew(Sedra).....

My favourite characters are. Jetfire, Soundwave , Hotshot,Prowl(All them from the TF world) Sonic, Shadow,Silver,Blaze,Amy(the Sonic team) , Hazuki,Anpo,Doremi,Momoko(Magical doremi)
the mew mew power, Mermay Melody and many others.
I have my Sonic character, my TF character , my mew mew power and all my series characters XD

I enjoy learning English, I speak English with my friends and I'm the teacher of my friend Anela , she is very bad at English.

I like play Nintendo DS but I prefer paly with my brother and my friend Anela.

My room is big , it has got two beds , one big table and a shelving.

My favourite subject is Science and History.

I think I don't have anything more to write sooo....

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

For my aunty Fátima

Happy b-day Fátima!!!! I hope you like my present :DD kisses

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Danii , ^^ I have a present for you ^^ I hope do you like it ^^
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ......
Happy birthday best friend ^^ ^^ ^^ n.n n.n.n n.n
you allready have 14 years sooo you are one year more inteligent.
You are my best friend ^^

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Hi! Long time without write anything; because I went to the earth to find Optimus Prime and Bumblebee; they are!!
They were looking for Energon , how not.The diference is that I'm more idependient than them; they often go together.
Bye! Read you soon ^^

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

The premium of the 8 questions

Ohhhh .... Forgive me if I answer so later to this award, I had much work to do. This is a premium from Anuradha and herblog . You need to answer honestly to these eight questions:
 -six names by those who know you (sorry only three) Jetire , Jet and Skyfire.
-three things you wear now I don't wear clothes, since I'm a robot XD
-three things you envy at this time. mmmm ..... I don't know ..... I think ...... Well if anything, people or robot doesn't have to think about war.Also miss a bath of super Energon...
-Three things you did last night, yesterday and today Mmmm .... thinking about that damn black hole, Energon search for my friends and talk about Megatron with Optimus.
-Two things you eat today: Energon cookies , Energon juice and a Energon star. XD
-As the last two people talking on the phone Scattershot (I was on a mission very important) and Redalert (I need to repair my circuits)
-Two things that you have to do tomorrow Thinking about writing a new post and update my blog
-Your three favorite drinks All juice that did not cause harm to living beings.( you know I'm the protector of the humans and I don't like to eat meat)
Now give the prize to three people plus -
Blue_Star or Danii , I like so much her blog , and she is a good friend
-Amy Rose , it's an interesting story
-Amanda , it's an awesome blog
 I think I only need notify the winners, let's go!

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010


Soundwave:-Oh no! It isn´t  Megatron!!!

Skyfire:I is n-not  M-megatron? who is ?

Soundwave: They are the Autobots

Skyfire:-Ahhh!!How many are they?

Soundwave:- It is only Jetfire.

Me:-Oh no!! the Decepticons are on the Earth!!

Soundwave:- treacherous !!

Me:-The Decepticons are villains and the Autobots are better

Soundwave:-The Autobots aren´t  better than the Decepticons, maybe we are in opposite groups , but both play to the same game.


Skyfire:-Jetfire , come with us!! In the really you are a Decepticons!!

Soundwave:-Yes...... you are a good warrior....


Skyfire:-Ja!! You don't have nothing to say!!

Soundwave:- quiet Skyfire ; I think.... something is going to happen...

Starscream:- Ih !!Megatron sends me to help you with the Autobots

Skyfire:-Hello Starscream. Look who is here!!

Starscream:- Jetfire!! wow...a treacherous.....

Soundwave:-Buzzaw ,Laserbeak ,Ravage ,Rumble ,Frenzy ,Ratbat ,Slugfest

,Overkill ,Autoscout spur you and destroy the Autobots !!!

Skyfire:-Why??A-are here m-more Au-tobots??

Starscream:- I like it !! This can be fun!!


Starscream:- Oh yeah!! I like shoot these Autosilly. Muahahahahaha!!

Me:-Optimus!! How can you find the Earth??

Optimus:- Transform!! Vector Prime helped us and.....

Me:-Vector Prime? Who is he ?

Vector:-I am the protector of the time and space.

Me:-Wow O.o incredible.

Landmine:- And also this Autobot call Jetfairina ; before she lives on the Earth.

Me:- my most sincere respects Miss.

Jetfairina: thanks Mr. Jetfire

Starscream :- sorry to spoil this beautiful moment , but Megatron says : destroy the Autobots!!!

*To be continued*

sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

1. chapter

Optimus Prime:- Cybertron has not much energy ; we need to find another planet , where we can live.
Me:- we can go to one place.....his name is Earth.....
Hotshot:- Earth? What a strange name!!
Optimus:- Earth......What type of lives are there?
Me:-There are....mmm.... Humans!
Scattershot:-Humans? How are they?'s better that you see it with your eyes
Perceptor:- The Earth , it's interesting.
Optimus:- Ok. You will go to Earth and scans some vehicles for all us.
Me:- Ok , ( mmm.. I don't think the Decepticons knows where are Earth , it's a planet full of energy and Soundwave it's a good finder....)

In the Decepticon hedcorder:

 Megatron:- Soundwave!!Do you find some planet full of energy?!?!?
Soundwave:- Yes Megatron , its name is Earth.
Megatron:- Soundwave , Wingfire , go to the Earth and inform how is the planet!!
Soundwave - Wingfire :- Yes!!
Starscream:- And me? I don't do anything?
 Megatron:- oh , Starscream I have a special work for you...
Starscream:- A special work?? I like it!
Megatron:- start to clean all the hedcorder!!
Starscream:-What??nooo!I don't like to do that!!
Megatron:- _._ , mmm.... I think do you like the special work...
Snowcat.- I can do it Megatron!!
Megatron:- What a good boy!! I have a present for you!!
Starscream.- No!! I will do the work!!
Megatron :- Do you say no , then is no!!

In the Earth:

Sundwave: -mmmm I think Jetfire is here....
Wingfire:- No...... What is that?? I space bridge?? What happen Soundwave!!!
Soundwave:- Megatron........??

*To be continued *

                                                               Painted by Anuradha

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

sweet premiu

I have this Sweet premium from Emmanuel (thank you ;D!!!) I recommend his blogg ; it is a blogg full of interesting things. This is the rules of this sweet premium: -Six important things for me: -My friends -The humans -The creater ''Primus'' -The peace -My planet Cybertron -Teach Ironhide good And I like give this premium to other six bloggs: Mi disco Duro: El pezezito azul: Exomundo: Entre bellotas y perdices: Mi escuela: Mimi y sus creaciones:

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Diferents personalities

Hi!Today I am cheerful.
Some times my friends make competitions to look who is faster than all. One time Hotshot wins a cross, but Override is faster than him!!Hotshot cheat whith help of Coby!! Some times my friends play a game.
We call it ''training''.It is a progam where we fight to look who is stronger than all.(Is Hotshot and Rodimus and now are Jetfire , Hotshot and Scattershot)
We like so much go to Luigi's restaurant , his food is more delicious than Peach's restaurant.
Today Hotshot and Breackdown make a cross , Hotshot wins and Override (She is his girlfriend)is so happy!!
Optimus is mean , he dosn't like to spend money!!
I am taller than all my friends , Safeguard are shotter than all.
My house is tidy and Ironhide's house is untidy.
Chromia and Arcee is more prettier than Thunderblast(I say that because I really hate Thunderblast , on the really she is prettiest)
Do you see? we have so many diferents personalities but we live on peace......not everybody......

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

My friends

Hi! othertime. Now I go to present my friends and my enemies. -Scattershot(He's an Autobot) is my rigth hand.He likes computers and he is a Base defense official. His motto is:''I am accustome to the power of everyone.'' He transforms himself to a Half-track rocket launcher vehicle.
-Inferno:He is the more loyal Autobot at all.He sacrifices his live to save Jungle planet. After he came in form of Rotblock. One time Optimus says:''Inferno is the more loyal soldier that I have in my comander'' His motto is:''Where there's fire, there's me''
-Vector Prime(He's the custodier of the time and the Space) He has a best friend, his name is Safeguard.Vector Prime makes a thing that allow the minicons to make a Space bridge.His motto is: ''For honor , for glory for Cybertron!'' He transforms into an Ancient Cybertronian Spacecraft
-The Leader Optimus Prime:Optimus Prime is the Leader of the Autobots; all respect him. His motto is : ''Freedom is the rigth of all sentient beings'' He transforms into a red Fire figther car.
I have more friends but I can't present all today, they are so many! Now I present my enemies:
Megatron: He is the leader of the Decepticons.He's worse than all.(second after Starscream) His motto is:''Peace through tyranny!''
-Starscream:He is a treacherous.He has his own proposits. He takes Sidewars on his comander. His motto is:''conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemis''
-Snowcat:He is the silly of the Decepticon group. He and Demolishor don't have a motto. (At really I don´t have nothing else to say about him) His best friend is Demolishor.
-Thundercraker is one of my worst enemies. All the time makes problem with the humans. Thundercraker's motto is:''You see my strength?''
-Thunderblast is the girl of transformer decepticon.She is my second worst enemy.She is very ill-mannered! Ah! And she is very coquettish. Her motto is:"The strong fist makes the world happy!"
Uffff! I'm tired! Next day I will descripe about my planet. Bye-Bye!

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Limon Premium

Hi!I have one premium of Shanti
I'm gratefull of her premium.
But this premium have some rules.
First:Glue the image of the premium.
Second:Recompense at least five blogs
Third:make sure of link all the blogs .
Fourth:Make understand of the premium blogs to they have a premium .
Fiveth:Scatter the love .
Theses are the blogs I premium with this delicious premium.
- The blog of ''Mis recetas''
-The blog of ''Mi Bachillerato''
-The blog of ''Mis investigaciones''
-The blog of ''Mi disco duro''
- the blog of ''Mis hijos mi oro''
I wait that all is OK

martes, 12 de mayo de 2009


Hello I'm Jetfire
Hello , my name is Jetfire I'm a Autobot.My leader is Optimus prime.
The Autobos is a group of robots .We like to find the ''Ciberkeys'' to closed the Black Hole.
The Decepticons are a group of bads robots.Their lider are Megatron.
I'm the protector of the Earth.
My best friends are: Bud(he's a human)Lori(she's a human)Coby(he's a human)Kiker(he's a human)Misha(she's a human)Alexis(she's a human)Rat(he's a human)Hotshot(he's a robot)Scattershot(it's my right hand)Leobreacker(he's a robot).
My favourite food is the Energon(it's the only food of the robots)
I have many friends:Scattorshot , Ironhide, Override,Landmine,Inferno ( later is Rot Block) , Wing Saber , Smoeascrea, Evac, The minicons:Jolt , Reverb , Six-Speed; Omega Supreme, Vector Prime ....
The treacherous is Scourge,Mat-flat and Shireways.