jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Limon Premium

Hi!I have one premium of Shanti http://shantimencanta.blogspot.com/
I'm gratefull of her premium.
But this premium have some rules.
First:Glue the image of the premium.
Second:Recompense at least five blogs
Third:make sure of link all the blogs .
Fourth:Make understand of the premium blogs to they have a premium .
Fiveth:Scatter the love .
Theses are the blogs I premium with this delicious premium.
- The blog of ''Mis recetas''http://anuradha-puri-nieto.blogspot.com/
-The blog of ''Mi Bachillerato''http://mibachillerato.blogspot.com/
-The blog of ''Mis investigaciones'' http://investigacioneselias.blogspot.com/
-The blog of ''Mi disco duro''http://mi-disco-duro.blogspot.com/
- the blog of ''Mis hijos mi oro''http://mishijosmioro.blogspot.com/
I wait that all is OK

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