lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

My friend Get

Hi guys!!! Mi friend Get  has de kindness to appear in my blog ^^
Ok I leave with her:

My name is Get. I'm short my sice is 1'52..........
My hair is straight , green and long.
I've got  green eyes and my lips are slender.
Now I've got a blue dress, a yellow diadem, fuchsia shoes, white gloves and fuchsia bracalets.

I love drawing TransFormers, sonic characters and all types of Manga/anime/mecha

I've got a black computer, I enjoy watching videos of my favourites series in English.
I make videos and try to uploading them in my YouTube channel , but my internet is sooo slow.

I live in the country and I have one brother , his name is Stheal.
Before I have got two parrots but they dead T.T
I also have one female-cat her name is Midori(green in Japanese)

My mother's name is Shanti , she has got black hair.
My father's name is Bharat and he has got black hair.

I'm learning Japanese , I know a few wordls like :- Thanks: Arigato    Hello : Conichiwa I'm get: Watashi wa Get desu

I've got many friends , from many countries : Argentina(Marii,Mili....),Mexico(Aye...),Rumania(Laura),Swedew(Sedra).....

My favourite characters are. Jetfire, Soundwave , Hotshot,Prowl(All them from the TF world) Sonic, Shadow,Silver,Blaze,Amy(the Sonic team) , Hazuki,Anpo,Doremi,Momoko(Magical doremi)
the mew mew power, Mermay Melody and many others.
I have my Sonic character, my TF character , my mew mew power and all my series characters XD

I enjoy learning English, I speak English with my friends and I'm the teacher of my friend Anela , she is very bad at English.

I like play Nintendo DS but I prefer paly with my brother and my friend Anela.

My room is big , it has got two beds , one big table and a shelving.

My favourite subject is Science and History.

I think I don't have anything more to write sooo....

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

For my aunty Fátima

Happy b-day Fátima!!!! I hope you like my present :DD kisses

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Danii , ^^ I have a present for you ^^ I hope do you like it ^^
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ......
Happy birthday best friend ^^ ^^ ^^ n.n n.n.n n.n
you allready have 14 years sooo you are one year more inteligent.
You are my best friend ^^

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Hi! Long time without write anything; because I went to the earth to find Optimus Prime and Bumblebee; they are!!
They were looking for Energon , how not.The diference is that I'm more idependient than them; they often go together.
Bye! Read you soon ^^

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

The premium of the 8 questions

Ohhhh .... Forgive me if I answer so later to this award, I had much work to do. This is a premium from Anuradha and herblog . You need to answer honestly to these eight questions:
 -six names by those who know you (sorry only three) Jetire , Jet and Skyfire.
-three things you wear now I don't wear clothes, since I'm a robot XD
-three things you envy at this time. mmmm ..... I don't know ..... I think ...... Well if anything, people or robot doesn't have to think about war.Also miss a bath of super Energon...
-Three things you did last night, yesterday and today Mmmm .... thinking about that damn black hole, Energon search for my friends and talk about Megatron with Optimus.
-Two things you eat today: Energon cookies , Energon juice and a Energon star. XD
-As the last two people talking on the phone Scattershot (I was on a mission very important) and Redalert (I need to repair my circuits)
-Two things that you have to do tomorrow Thinking about writing a new post and update my blog
-Your three favorite drinks All juice that did not cause harm to living beings.( you know I'm the protector of the humans and I don't like to eat meat)
Now give the prize to three people plus -
Blue_Star or Danii , I like so much her blog , and she is a good friend
-Amy Rose , it's an interesting story
-Amanda , it's an awesome blog
 I think I only need notify the winners, let's go!

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010


Soundwave:-Oh no! It isn´t  Megatron!!!

Skyfire:I is n-not  M-megatron? who is ?

Soundwave: They are the Autobots

Skyfire:-Ahhh!!How many are they?

Soundwave:- It is only Jetfire.

Me:-Oh no!! the Decepticons are on the Earth!!

Soundwave:- treacherous !!

Me:-The Decepticons are villains and the Autobots are better

Soundwave:-The Autobots aren´t  better than the Decepticons, maybe we are in opposite groups , but both play to the same game.


Skyfire:-Jetfire , come with us!! In the really you are a Decepticons!!

Soundwave:-Yes...... you are a good warrior....


Skyfire:-Ja!! You don't have nothing to say!!

Soundwave:- quiet Skyfire ; I think.... something is going to happen...

Starscream:- Ih !!Megatron sends me to help you with the Autobots

Skyfire:-Hello Starscream. Look who is here!!

Starscream:- Jetfire!! wow...a treacherous.....

Soundwave:-Buzzaw ,Laserbeak ,Ravage ,Rumble ,Frenzy ,Ratbat ,Slugfest

,Overkill ,Autoscout spur you and destroy the Autobots !!!

Skyfire:-Why??A-are here m-more Au-tobots??

Starscream:- I like it !! This can be fun!!


Starscream:- Oh yeah!! I like shoot these Autosilly. Muahahahahaha!!

Me:-Optimus!! How can you find the Earth??

Optimus:- Transform!! Vector Prime helped us and.....

Me:-Vector Prime? Who is he ?

Vector:-I am the protector of the time and space.

Me:-Wow O.o incredible.

Landmine:- And also this Autobot call Jetfairina ; before she lives on the Earth.

Me:- my most sincere respects Miss.

Jetfairina: thanks Mr. Jetfire

Starscream :- sorry to spoil this beautiful moment , but Megatron says : destroy the Autobots!!!

*To be continued*

sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

1. chapter

Optimus Prime:- Cybertron has not much energy ; we need to find another planet , where we can live.
Me:- we can go to one place.....his name is Earth.....
Hotshot:- Earth? What a strange name!!
Optimus:- Earth......What type of lives are there?
Me:-There are....mmm.... Humans!
Scattershot:-Humans? How are they?'s better that you see it with your eyes
Perceptor:- The Earth , it's interesting.
Optimus:- Ok. You will go to Earth and scans some vehicles for all us.
Me:- Ok , ( mmm.. I don't think the Decepticons knows where are Earth , it's a planet full of energy and Soundwave it's a good finder....)

In the Decepticon hedcorder:

 Megatron:- Soundwave!!Do you find some planet full of energy?!?!?
Soundwave:- Yes Megatron , its name is Earth.
Megatron:- Soundwave , Wingfire , go to the Earth and inform how is the planet!!
Soundwave - Wingfire :- Yes!!
Starscream:- And me? I don't do anything?
 Megatron:- oh , Starscream I have a special work for you...
Starscream:- A special work?? I like it!
Megatron:- start to clean all the hedcorder!!
Starscream:-What??nooo!I don't like to do that!!
Megatron:- _._ , mmm.... I think do you like the special work...
Snowcat.- I can do it Megatron!!
Megatron:- What a good boy!! I have a present for you!!
Starscream.- No!! I will do the work!!
Megatron :- Do you say no , then is no!!

In the Earth:

Sundwave: -mmmm I think Jetfire is here....
Wingfire:- No...... What is that?? I space bridge?? What happen Soundwave!!!
Soundwave:- Megatron........??

*To be continued *

                                                               Painted by Anuradha