lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010


Soundwave:-Oh no! It isn´t  Megatron!!!

Skyfire:I is n-not  M-megatron? who is ?

Soundwave: They are the Autobots

Skyfire:-Ahhh!!How many are they?

Soundwave:- It is only Jetfire.

Me:-Oh no!! the Decepticons are on the Earth!!

Soundwave:- treacherous !!

Me:-The Decepticons are villains and the Autobots are better

Soundwave:-The Autobots aren´t  better than the Decepticons, maybe we are in opposite groups , but both play to the same game.


Skyfire:-Jetfire , come with us!! In the really you are a Decepticons!!

Soundwave:-Yes...... you are a good warrior....


Skyfire:-Ja!! You don't have nothing to say!!

Soundwave:- quiet Skyfire ; I think.... something is going to happen...

Starscream:- Ih !!Megatron sends me to help you with the Autobots

Skyfire:-Hello Starscream. Look who is here!!

Starscream:- Jetfire!! wow...a treacherous.....

Soundwave:-Buzzaw ,Laserbeak ,Ravage ,Rumble ,Frenzy ,Ratbat ,Slugfest

,Overkill ,Autoscout spur you and destroy the Autobots !!!

Skyfire:-Why??A-are here m-more Au-tobots??

Starscream:- I like it !! This can be fun!!


Starscream:- Oh yeah!! I like shoot these Autosilly. Muahahahahaha!!

Me:-Optimus!! How can you find the Earth??

Optimus:- Transform!! Vector Prime helped us and.....

Me:-Vector Prime? Who is he ?

Vector:-I am the protector of the time and space.

Me:-Wow O.o incredible.

Landmine:- And also this Autobot call Jetfairina ; before she lives on the Earth.

Me:- my most sincere respects Miss.

Jetfairina: thanks Mr. Jetfire

Starscream :- sorry to spoil this beautiful moment , but Megatron says : destroy the Autobots!!!

*To be continued*

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