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1. chapter

Optimus Prime:- Cybertron has not much energy ; we need to find another planet , where we can live.
Me:- we can go to one place.....his name is Earth.....
Hotshot:- Earth? What a strange name!!
Optimus:- Earth......What type of lives are there?
Me:-There are....mmm.... Humans!
Scattershot:-Humans? How are they?
Jetfire:-Mmmmmm.....it's better that you see it with your eyes
Perceptor:- The Earth , it's interesting.
Optimus:- Ok. You will go to Earth and scans some vehicles for all us.
Me:- Ok , ( mmm.. I don't think the Decepticons knows where are Earth , it's a planet full of energy and Soundwave it's a good finder....)

In the Decepticon hedcorder:

 Megatron:- Soundwave!!Do you find some planet full of energy?!?!?
Soundwave:- Yes Megatron , its name is Earth.
Megatron:- Soundwave , Wingfire , go to the Earth and inform how is the planet!!
Soundwave - Wingfire :- Yes!!
Starscream:- And me? I don't do anything?
 Megatron:- oh , Starscream I have a special work for you...
Starscream:- A special work?? I like it!
Megatron:- start to clean all the hedcorder!!
Starscream:-What??nooo!I don't like to do that!!
Megatron:- _._ , mmm.... I think do you like the special work...
Snowcat.- I can do it Megatron!!
Megatron:- What a good boy!! I have a present for you!!
Starscream.- No!! I will do the work!!
Megatron :- Do you say no , then is no!!

In the Earth:

Sundwave: -mmmm I think Jetfire is here....
Wingfire:- No...... What is that?? I space bridge?? What happen Soundwave!!!
Soundwave:- Megatron........??

*To be continued *

                                                               Painted by Anuradha

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  1. jeje hi, i read your comment, i really like this chapter, but you made a mistake when you said´ it's more good than you saw with your eyes´ it must be ´it's better that you see it with you eyes´ but this chapter was great, transformers are in a good way cute ^^ and cool *too cool*
    Well xD Have a nice day.
    Take care.

  2. Oh and continue writing I really want to know what will happend next XD

  3. Thanks fore your coment Danii!!!!