miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

The premium of the 8 questions

Ohhhh .... Forgive me if I answer so later to this award, I had much work to do. This is a premium from Anuradha and herblog . You need to answer honestly to these eight questions:
 -six names by those who know you (sorry only three) Jetire , Jet and Skyfire.
-three things you wear now I don't wear clothes, since I'm a robot XD
-three things you envy at this time. mmmm ..... I don't know ..... I think ...... Well if anything, people or robot doesn't have to think about war.Also miss a bath of super Energon...
-Three things you did last night, yesterday and today Mmmm .... thinking about that damn black hole, Energon search for my friends and talk about Megatron with Optimus.
-Two things you eat today: Energon cookies , Energon juice and a Energon star. XD
-As the last two people talking on the phone Scattershot (I was on a mission very important) and Redalert (I need to repair my circuits)
-Two things that you have to do tomorrow Thinking about writing a new post and update my blog
-Your three favorite drinks All juice that did not cause harm to living beings.( you know I'm the protector of the humans and I don't like to eat meat)
Now give the prize to three people plus -
Blue_Star or Danii , I like so much her blog , and she is a good friend
-Amy Rose , it's an interesting story
-Amanda , it's an awesome blog
 I think I only need notify the winners, let's go!

3 comentarios:

  1. awwwwwww how cute!!!! n.n i really like your blog and thanks alot for the premium, remember dont care about may's opinion, she lose a grreat and fantabulous friend like you n.n
    jeje see you soon on the blog, and thanks for read my blog n.n you are too cute arent you? YEAH YOU ARE n.n
    I like the part of the clothes XD i was like o.o omg XDDDDDDDDD
    Well take care n.n

  2. Thanks for the comment Danii ^^ Your english is so well ^^
    Thanks for ask I'm cute ^^ Thanksssss ^^
    Kisses ^^

  3. Hola jet fire muy bonito tu blot^^ te felicito tendriesemos que hablar por msn para conocernos^^ un saludo y suerte!!!!^^