jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

My friends

Hi! othertime. Now I go to present my friends and my enemies. -Scattershot(He's an Autobot) is my rigth hand.He likes computers and he is a Base defense official. His motto is:''I am accustome to the power of everyone.'' He transforms himself to a Half-track rocket launcher vehicle.
-Inferno:He is the more loyal Autobot at all.He sacrifices his live to save Jungle planet. After he came in form of Rotblock. One time Optimus says:''Inferno is the more loyal soldier that I have in my comander'' His motto is:''Where there's fire, there's me''
-Vector Prime(He's the custodier of the time and the Space) He has a best friend, his name is Safeguard.Vector Prime makes a thing that allow the minicons to make a Space bridge.His motto is: ''For honor , for glory for Cybertron!'' He transforms into an Ancient Cybertronian Spacecraft
-The Leader Optimus Prime:Optimus Prime is the Leader of the Autobots; all respect him. His motto is : ''Freedom is the rigth of all sentient beings'' He transforms into a red Fire figther car.
I have more friends but I can't present all today, they are so many! Now I present my enemies:
Megatron: He is the leader of the Decepticons.He's worse than all.(second after Starscream) His motto is:''Peace through tyranny!''
-Starscream:He is a treacherous.He has his own proposits. He takes Sidewars on his comander. His motto is:''conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemis''
-Snowcat:He is the silly of the Decepticon group. He and Demolishor don't have a motto. (At really I don´t have nothing else to say about him) His best friend is Demolishor.
-Thundercraker is one of my worst enemies. All the time makes problem with the humans. Thundercraker's motto is:''You see my strength?''
-Thunderblast is the girl of transformer decepticon.She is my second worst enemy.She is very ill-mannered! Ah! And she is very coquettish. Her motto is:"The strong fist makes the world happy!"
Uffff! I'm tired! Next day I will descripe about my planet. Bye-Bye!

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  1. It's a boring entrace I know that , but now I will go to make more funny entraces , ok?