domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Diferents personalities

Hi!Today I am cheerful.
Some times my friends make competitions to look who is faster than all. One time Hotshot wins a cross, but Override is faster than him!!Hotshot cheat whith help of Coby!! Some times my friends play a game.
We call it ''training''.It is a progam where we fight to look who is stronger than all.(Is Hotshot and Rodimus and now are Jetfire , Hotshot and Scattershot)
We like so much go to Luigi's restaurant , his food is more delicious than Peach's restaurant.
Today Hotshot and Breackdown make a cross , Hotshot wins and Override (She is his girlfriend)is so happy!!
Optimus is mean , he dosn't like to spend money!!
I am taller than all my friends , Safeguard are shotter than all.
My house is tidy and Ironhide's house is untidy.
Chromia and Arcee is more prettier than Thunderblast(I say that because I really hate Thunderblast , on the really she is prettiest)
Do you see? we have so many diferents personalities but we live on peace......not everybody......

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