martes, 12 de mayo de 2009


Hello I'm Jetfire
Hello , my name is Jetfire I'm a Autobot.My leader is Optimus prime.
The Autobos is a group of robots .We like to find the ''Ciberkeys'' to closed the Black Hole.
The Decepticons are a group of bads robots.Their lider are Megatron.
I'm the protector of the Earth.
My best friends are: Bud(he's a human)Lori(she's a human)Coby(he's a human)Kiker(he's a human)Misha(she's a human)Alexis(she's a human)Rat(he's a human)Hotshot(he's a robot)Scattershot(it's my right hand)Leobreacker(he's a robot).
My favourite food is the Energon(it's the only food of the robots)
I have many friends:Scattorshot , Ironhide, Override,Landmine,Inferno ( later is Rot Block) , Wing Saber , Smoeascrea, Evac, The minicons:Jolt , Reverb , Six-Speed; Omega Supreme, Vector Prime ....
The treacherous is Scourge,Mat-flat and Shireways.

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  1. Dear Jetfire

    I do not like transformers, but I like the author of this blog ;-D

    I'll add this blog to Clonlara's blog, ok.

    Sorry for my bad English, I'll not be of help for you

    Good luck

  2. Hi! Ipe.Thanks for your coment.And in English!!!!
    It's funny.And sure, your english is more good than my.

  3. hello Jetfire.I give you a refreshing limon juice.I hope it doesn´t make you bad.Better pass it to others.bye-bye

  4. hello Shanti.
    I can't drink limon juice but thanks for your premium.:D
    Now I make too.

  5. Oh please, my english is terrible!! You can't make me this!! LOLLLLLLLL (= XD = Lot Of Laughs)

    I don't know this "bichos" hahahaha so I have nothing to say about :(

    (this is very embarrassing, all the people reading me and... laughing? hahahahaha)


  6. Don't worry , I can read all type of english.I enjoy really all comments that I can learn english with my all friends.

  7. "type of english"? Oh my God!! it's worse than I thought!! LOLLLLLLLL